Things You Will Want To Know

Download the current club rules here.

Important Rule Change!

Riders may now keep up to 60 days of points when they join the Club. So ... if you rode in September, missed the October show, and signed up in November as a club member ... you get to keep ALL your points all the way back to September! (The OLD rule was only 30 days.)

All rules dictated by The California Gymkhana Association will be strictly adhered to and enforced. It is your responsibility as a member of the California Gymkhana Association to obtain a copy of these rules from the CGA website ( or by requesting a copy directly from the CGA office. Riders are responsible for knowing these rules.

All Show entry forms including CGA and district forms MUST BE COMPLETELY filled out and signed by the participant or a parent or legal guardian for ALL minors participating in CGA events. There are no exceptions to this rule! A permission slip from a parent or guardian is not acceptable.

The following rules apply to ALL riders participating in a Modjeska Mavericks show and are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and/or if so decided by the current Modjeska Mavericks Board of Directors.

Download the current club rules here.


  1. Both single and family memberships are offered. Current rates will be posted on the application.
  2. Norco Residents – Will join as a Modjeska Mavericks Member.
  3. Non-Norco Residents – will join as an Associate Modjeska Mavericks Member.
  4. Points toward Mavericks year–end awards are only retroactive for TWO shows.
  5. Points toward Mavericks year–end awards may only accumulate within the current show season.
  6. Membership is valid for the current show season only (September thru July).


  1. In order to qualify for any year end awards a rider must:
    1. Be member in good standing and have no debt to the club or CGA.
    2. Ride all six (6) events in seven (7) full shows of our eleven (11) show season. Or the equivalent of 65% of the events offered in a season.
    3. Ride one (1) of the last three (3) shows of the season.
    4. Work one half (½) of an event at each show for each mount entered in the show.
  2. Lead-liners may qualify for year end awards if they meet all the above criteria.


To achieve perfect attendance, you must ride every event at every show during a season. There are no exceptions to this rule.


  1. Points for events will be awarded as follows:
    1. First place 7 points
    2. Second place 5 points
    3. Third place 4 point
    4. Fourth place 3 points
    5. Fifth place 2 points
    6. Any ”good” ride below fifth place will receive 1 point, regardless of time
  2. Daily High Point will be awarded at the beginning of the following show day.
  3. You may only receive a daily highpoint award in the division in which you ride on that day.
  4. A rider will be placed and receive points according to the time they ran for a given event.
  5. If a rider places in a higher division, they will receive the points according to their placing in the higher division.
  6. Riders will only accrue points in the bracket in which they have signed up for that day.
  7. No rider may place in a lower bracket than the one in which they are registered.
  8. Lead-liners do not place but will be awarded as follows:
    1. Complete 3 events and receive a ribbon.
    2. Complete 4 or more events and choose either a ribbon or trophy.
  9. The last show of the season will be a points only fundraiser show with no awards announced or distributed.


  1. The Mavericks follow the CGA speed division splits (AAA+, AAA, AA, A, FC). The Mavericks Board will decide each season as to any Youth and Adult division splits based on rider membership. The Modjeska Mavericks Board will make this decision within the first 3 shows of the season.
  2. Divisions may be combined for day awards at any show due to lack of riders.
  3. Riders with birthdays during the show season that will change their age division (from Youth to Adult) will be given the option at the first show to choose either Youth or Adult, BUT must remain in that division for the entire season.
  4. The AAA+ division will only be provided when a rider qualifies at a Modjeska Mavericks show as an AAA+ rider.
  5. Qualifying AAA+ riders may be combined with the AAA riders for the day but will be provided with AAA+ divisions for year end awards.


  1. A rider will move up to a higher bracket in the following ways:
    1. After completing 4 rides in a higher bracket during one show day.
    2. Riding 3 events in a higher division in 3 consecutive shows will be given the option (to move up or remain in the current division).
  2. Riders can move down in divisions during a season but will only be given “Ride Credits” for shows in which they have competed. NO POINTS WILL TRANSFER DOWN.
  3. Any rider who moves up in the last 3 shows of the season will ride and place in the new division but will still accrue points in their previous bracket for the duration of the season.
  4. Move ups will be done after the end of the show day. These results will be posted on the Mavericks web site (
  5. When a rider is moved up a division they will be placed in accordance to the amount of points they have. A rider may not move up any higher than 1 point behind 2nd place, this may result in a loss of points.


  1. A rider may use a substitute horse for accruing Mavericks points, ONLY if a licensed Veterinarian’s note is provided by the following show, stating that the horse is unable to compete, otherwise points will not transfer. A horse’s pregnancy is not an excused medical condition. All vet notes are subject to verification. Replacement of a substitute horse requires a vet note and is subject to board approval.
  2. A substitute horse must be entered in the same division as the original horse, a substitute horses is subject to move-up under the move-up guidelines. When the original horse returns it must now compete in the same division as the substitute horse.
  3. If a rider brings a different horse in the arena to compete on other than the horse that was entered in the show and does not notify the show secretary and fill out the appropriate paperwork, the rider will be disqualified from that day’s show and will lose all earned points for that show day. They will also be subject to any CGA disciplinary actions.

    1. As a volunteer organization ALL riders are required to do their part in assisting in the general operations of the show (gate, announcer, time keeper, arena helper). If you are unable to volunteer, please make sure that you find a suitable replacement to work for you.
    2. It is required that all children under eleven (11) years of age be assisted by an adult.


    Please remember that everyone, including board members, are volunteers and donate their time on show days as well as personal time to ensure you have a fun, friendly, and fair show day!

    Download the current club rules here.