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New and Exciting ... Online Forms ...

You saw it here FIRST ... Club Membership AND Show Signup Forms may now be filled out online and saved to your computer then emailed to the . On show day, just bring your money and any buybacks and your forms will be at the signup booth, ready to go ... or print them out. Your choice!

You do NOT have to fill in the form again and again for every show ... Click Here or Scroll Down for more information.

Please Note: Microsoft Edge does not play well with others. If you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser, you must download the forms and open them on your computer in order to fill them out. Then you may save them and just change the date each show.

Save Time, Save Ink ...


Show Signup Forms

Club Membership Forms

California Gymkhana Association Forms


ALL Club forms must be signed!

Therefore ... if you email them ... you may sign them at the show when you check in with your money and buybacks.

Fill Out Your Forms Online!

Online Forms

It's Fast and Easy! Here is how ...

  1. Click on the Form link above. The Form will open in a new window or tab in your browser.
  2. Fill in all the highlighted boxes. (The Form will automatically do all the math for you ... !)
  3. Save the form
  4. Email the form to the .
  5. Bring your money and any buybacks to the signup booth.
  6. Your forms will be there ready to sign. Save time!
  7. OR
  8. Click the Print Form button.
  9. Sign the form with a pen.
  10. That is all there is ... OR
  11. Save the Form to your computer. (Click the Save icon, use the File Menu, or key CTRL + S)
  12. Go to where you saved the Form, open it.
  13. Print the Form, Sign the Form. Re-Save the Form.
  14. NOW comes the easy part. Next month you do NOT have to fill in the form again...
  15. Open the Form
  16. Change the Show Date
  17. Add any Buy-Backs (the Form will automatically do ALL the math for you!)
  18. Print the Form, Sign the Form, Save the Form ...
  19. Repeat every month for every show!

You WILL need Adobe Reader to view the forms. Adobe Reader may be downloaded for FREE.

Please Note: Show Sign-up Forms MUST be emailed to the Show Secretary BEFORE 12:00 Noon on the day before the show (usually Friday). Otherwise, just print out the form and bring it to the show. Thank you to everyone who helps make the shows run smoothly.

Filling out the form online makes it much easier for us to ensure your name, your horses' name, your address and email are exactly as YOU want it ... this will help avoid all kinds of problems at Year End. Thank You All.

Parents and Legal Guardians

A special notice regarding minors direct from the CGA State Office!

Remember parents and legal guardians... All CGA entry forms including district forms must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for all minors participating in CGA events. There are no exceptions to this rule! A permission slip from a parent or guardian is not acceptable. There must be a wet signature on all forms.

Adobe Reader

Accessing the forms requires Adobe Reader which may be downloaded for FREE.
Just click the button and follow the instructions.

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CGA Forms and Information

State forms and information may be found on the California Gymkhana Association Web Site