The Board of the Modjeska Mavericks

Arena Manager

JohnnyJohnny Tassone

Making sure the ground is right, the poles and barrels are in the right places, and the timers work. Behind the scenes, but working hard in oh‑so‑many ways.

Day Awards

Liz Pino
Johanna Ramos

Ensuring that every award gets handed out, and getting all the good stuff for us to take home and be proud of.

District Delegate

Marleah Gonzales

Representing the Mavericks at the state level. The District Delegate has a vote at the California Gymkhana Association Board of Directors meetings. Making our voice heard!

Raffles & Donations

There is a great opportunity here for the right person!

Soliciting and collecting donations for fund‑raising raffles which add to the value of the Year‑End Awards. Setting up and running the fantastic extra raffle prizes at the Year‑End Awards Picnic.

Worker Coordinator

There is a great opportunity here for the right person!

The gates would be unguarded, the poles left down, and the times not recorded.

Natalie and Taylor

Year–End Awards

Natalie Wood Young

Developing the amazing year–end awards.

GeraldWebmaster and Judge

Gerald Freeman

Our resident Geek!

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