Our Master Judge


A Master Judge is recognized as having superior knowledge and experience regarding CGA, its rules and the organization in general. A Master Judge is also a member of the Master Judge Advisory Committee (MAC).

A CGA Master Judge candidate is an individual who upholds the highest standard of the CGA. They have a demonstrated history of supporting CGA and its programs. They are very knowledgeable in the structure and history of the organization, the bylaws, the rules, and the intent behind the rules.

Every District is assigned a Master Judge who is responsible for ensuring that the highest standards of CGA are upheld.

Our Senior Judge

Johnny Tassone


A CGA Senior Judge is an individual who upholds the highest standard of the CGA and has been an active, carded judge for at least 2 years.

┬áSenior Judges have served in a management capacity at the District Level. They are acknowledged by their peers and riders as being fair, impartial and an adherent of the rules and are regarded by the CGA membership as diplomatic, tactful, impartial, ethical, open to suggestions and appear to have good decision-making skills. They shall have demonstrated an ability to make ‘hard’ decisions, even when those decisions are unpopular.

Our Dedicated Team of Judges

  • Victoria Bradley
  • Cathey Burtt
  • Brenna Colyn
  • Morgan Easel
  • Gerald Freeman
  • Lorelei Lehman
  • Stevie Mesler
  • Joanna Ramos

and ... many, many more, who volunteer their time to ensure we have a great show! (The Webmaster appologizes for any Judges who have been left off the above list. Email the and we'll get it fixed ASAP.)

You Too Can Become a CGA Judge

It's not easy, but nothing worth having is ever easy!

In order to qualify as a CGA Judge ...see the CGA Rule Book or contact any Mavericks Judge or Officer ... we'll point you in the right direction and give you all the help we can to assist you in achieving this important position.

The Rule Book may be downloaded from the CGA Web Site