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Ok racers, here are the current standings.

If you are highlighted in green, that means you need to ride all the remaining races in order to qualify for year–end awards. 7 shows are the requirement as we are running 11 races this season.

If you are highlighted in pink, you are not able to acquire points in 7 shows this season to qualify for year–end this season.

2015–2016 Year End Standings are located here.

How to Qualify for Year End Awards

  1. Be a member in good standing and have no debt to the club or CGA.
  2. Ride all six (6) events in seven (7) full shows of our eleven (11) show season. Or the equivalent of 65% of the events offered in a season.
  3. Ride at least one (1) of the last three (3) shows of the regular season.
  4. Work at least one-half of one (1/2) event at each show you attend.
  5. Lead-liners may qualify for year end awards if they meet all the above criteria.

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